Property valuation

We provide valuation of all types of immovable property:

  • commercial property (offices, hotels, shops, catering establishments, service premises),
  • industrial property (production halls, warehouses),
  • residential property (flats, houses, apartments, holiday houses),
  • land in all phases of development (construction and agricultural land).

We also provide valuation of special property:

  • public service infrastructure: traffic infrastructure (roads, railways, airports, ports), municipal infrastructure (water distribution systems, sewage systems, waste landfills), electronic communication, water supply infrastructure, energy infrastructure (pipelines, heating installations, electrical installations), public infrastructure (green and public areas, cemeteries),
  • special manufacturing plants,
  • museums, schools, administration property, hospitals,
  • old people´s homes, sheltered housing,
  • mines,
  • stone quarries,
  • ski jump hills,
  • golf courses,
  • horse racing venues,
  • castles,
  • swimming pools.

We provide property valuations in compliance with international standards for various purposes:

  • selling / buying property,
  • letting property,
  • mortgage insurance,
  • leasing procedures,
  • accounting reporting,
  • establishing, merging and disaggregating companies, acquisitions,
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